7ft, Hairy and Handsome

Kel Sneddon 7:13 UK

Feeling self conscious about his scrawny appearance, Nick lies to his blind date – Joe – about the way he looks. After being attacked by a werewolf, he begins to fantasize about the effects it will have on his body. He leaves for the date, assuming he will become “7ft, hairy and handsome”.

Kel Sneddon is a 3D animator and director based in Glasgow, Scotland. After graduating Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2018 he has worked in various animation studios across the UK. The animated short he directed as his graduate film, “Date Fright” has screened at multiple festivals over the world. Over the past couple of years he has worked with the animation collective “Bone Shack” – a group of fellow DJCAD graduates – on the short, “7ft, Hairy and Handsome”. Kel currently works at Wild Child Animation Studios and is hoping to create more animated content with the Bone Shack collective.