Christophe Beudet 30:00 France

Sasha lost her parents the day before she turned 18. As she blows out her candles alone, a trainer and his apprentice come to tell her that she is a witch and that she must complete 45 tasks if she does not want to die.

Trained by Marie Pistekova, Genevieve and Alexandre Beurrier of the Quai Ouest company from a very young age, Christophe moved to Paris after playing a varied classical repertoire in Brittany to follow training courses at the Ateliers du Sudden and Acting International with Tiffany Stern, Raymond Acquaviva, Philippe Rondest. He played in the play MES MEILLEURS ENNUIS by Guillaume Mélanie then small roles for series and films such as BARBECUE by Eric Lavaine alongside Florence Foresti and Franck Dubosc or SMELL OF US by Larry Clark. He is also the author of the STUPID LOVE SONG trilogy, at Edilivre and he has been writing his screenplays since a very young age, taking care of a sarcastic and satirical style. In 2018, he set up his association to work in the French cinematographic landscape by offering short and medium-length films such as QUAND JE SERAI MORT on euthanasia, or FOND DE TEINT, on school bullying and also WICCA, a short fantasy. He regularly organizes short film courses to introduce teenagers to the profession of acting in immersion on a real film set with a passionate and caring team. A teacher in various private schools, he writes and directs modern and committed plays for his students such as OBJECTION, currently being adapted into a feature film, or 8 CLOS, freely inspired by the eponymous play by Sartre. He differentiates himself by his singularity of genre by directing films such as SAMHAIN, A LA MORT or UNIQUE. His cinema is characterized by a mixture of black humour, irony, fantasy and drama where we find marginal characters plagued by the difficulties of life.