Latest Visions, a partnership between Latest TV in Brighton and Northern Visions, Belfast is the latest in a new initiative bringing British, Irish and international films to a wide and diverse audience on the local television network, festival venues and live streaming all in one place.

From 24th to 31st October, discover over 60 short films and animations on all things spooky, from some of the best contemporary indie filmmakers in the world. 

All Hallowe’en weekend from 9pm til late, Freeview 7 & Virgin 159 and available to livestream anywhere in the world on our platform. Latest TV

Belfast and Brighton are part of the local TV network which have been awarded licences by OFCOM. Latest Group CIC in Brighton runs the projects that serve their communities – in particular giving a voice and a platform to those that cannot get such opportunities. They work alongside Latest TV to provide this resource.

Belfast’s Northern Visions is dedicated to creating initiatives locally, providing access to resources for their communities, skills training and active citizenship projects, particularly to those who feel marginalised and misunderstood.

Both are non profits, committed to reaching out to others around the world to better understand how we can affect positive social change.

We are very grateful to the filmmakers from around the world who gave us their films to show. As filmmakers we are all at the heart of innovation and digital transformation. Creating independent opportunities to access larger audiences in these turbulent times is a huge challenge, a big thank you to everyone for coming on this journey with us!

Festival Curator: Deborah Espect
Project Concept: Marilyn Hyndman, Bill Smith, Angi Mariani
Design: RV